Impetigore (2020) – drama/horror/mystery – Joko Anwar – Indonesia – 116 minutes – watch on Shudder

For the first time, I’ve been granted press accreditation for the Milano Film Festival – which is becoming one of the most prestigious European film festivals. With a selection of 27 feature-length films and over 41 short movies, the main theme of this year’s MFF is “coming-of-age” stories, told in every kind of genre you can think of: on this website, you’ll find reviews of every horror-related film at the festival, plus a few articles on other movies that you’ll find in the Beyond Horror section of the website. This is my review of A Certain Kind of Silence (Michael Hogenauer, Czech Republic/Netherlands/Latvia, drama/horror).

The most anticipated horror movie of 2018 for many moviegoers and the reason why I reviewed every single Halloween flick: it’s finally time to talk about the new Halloween film, directed by David Gordon Green, that erased all the other sequels to tie the story of Micheal Myers to the events in John Carpenter’s original masterpiece.