I’ve been granted press accreditation for the 11th Grimmfest, the Manchester’s International Festival of Fantastic Film. This October, Grimmfest celebrated its eleventh anniversary with its biggest line-up of film premieres ever, along with audiences to match: one week after the festival ended, the Jury’s votes are in and all the award-winner movies have been revealed.

For the first time, I’ve been granted press accreditation for the Milano Film Festival – which is becoming one of the most prestigious European film festivals. With a selection of 27 feature-length films and over 41 short movies, the main theme of this year’s MFF is “coming-of-age” stories, told in every kind of genre you can think of: on this website, you’ll find reviews of every horror-related film at the festival, plus a few articles on other movies that you’ll find in the Beyond Horror section of the website. This is my review of Fulci For Fake (Simone Scafidi, Italy, biography/documentary/horror).