It’s finally that time of the year… kind of, since this article comes out way later than most “best movies of the year” lists. I apologise for being late with my take on the BEST Horror Movies of 2019, but I wanted to make sure I included every single horror film I was interested in and had the potential to fit such a list, therefore I had to wait for some to be screened near where I live and for others to be sent to me. On top of that, I wanted to watch all the movies I loved at least twice, both to make sure they would belong on this list and to decide what spot they would take.


With Roberto De Feo’s The Nest (Il Nido) being one of the most positive surprises in 2019, in terms of horror cinema, I felt compelled to delve in-depth into this Italian horror film. This article will feature major spoilers, so I’d recommend reading my spoiler-free review of the movie if you don’t want your experience ruined. You’ve been warned!