GRIMMFEST 2019 – The Award Winners

Why Don't You Just Die! Image credit: Courtesy of Grimmfest

I’ve been granted press accreditation for the 11th Grimmfest, the Manchester’s International Festival of Fantastic Film. This October, Grimmfest celebrated its eleventh anniversary with its biggest line-up of film premieres ever, along with audiences to match: one week after the festival ended, the Jury’s votes are in and all the award-winner movies have been revealed.

Check the winners at Grimmfest 2019 below… 

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Rabid. Image credit, courtesy of Grimmfest 3
Rabid. Image credit: Courtesy of Grimmfest

Horror Channel Achievement in Horror Award – WINNER: Jen and Sylvia Soska, who participated at the festival with their Rabid remake. This is a career-type-award that The Twisted Sisters won due to their previous movies as well (American Mary and Dead Hooker in a Trunk). In my opinion, it’s a well-deserved win, since the Soska Sisters have quite a distinctive style of filmmaking and put out some interesting titles throughout the last 10 years.

BEST PICTURE (Sponsored by M2 MediaPost) – WINNER: Why Don’t You Just Die!, with special mention for Extra Ordinary. The winner – a Russian horror-comedy – will soon be distributed by Arrow Films: I didn’t get the chance to watch it, unfortunately, but I can say Extra Ordinary was my favourite picture at the festival, so I’m glad it was recognised as 2nd best film.

BEST DIRECTOR (Sponsored by M2 MediaPost) – WINNER: Kirill Sokolov (Why Don’t You Just Die!), with special mention for Rob Grant (Harpoon). Instead of Rob Grant, I would’ve found more appropriate if Mike Ahern (Extra Ordinary) or Frank Sabella (The Shed) were mentioned.

BEST SCREENPLAY (Sponsored by Final Draft and InkTip) – WINNER: Harpoon, with special mention for A Serial Killer’s Guide to Life. I’ve seen only Harpoon – which I didn’t find very special, to be honest – but my pick for Best Screenplay would’ve been either Extra Ordinary or Rabid.

4X4. Image credit, courtesy of Grimmfest
4X4. Image credit: Courtesy of Grimmfest

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY (Sponsored by One Bright Dot) – WINNER: 4X4, with special mention for Why Don’t You Just Die!. The cinematography in 4X4, an Argentine drama/horror film, was indeed spectacular, even though I probably preferred the one in Quiet Comes the Dawn.

BEST SCORE (Sponsored by Grimmfest Films) – WINNER: Artik, with special mention for Tone-Deaf. I do completely agree with these picks, although I was quite impressed with the score for Little Monsters as well.

Harpoon. Image credit, courtesy of Grimmfest
Harpoon. Image credit: Courtesy of Grimmfest

BEST ACTOR – WINNER: Peter Lanzani (4X4), with special mention for Munro Chambers (Harpoon). They both did a very good job, but I’m surprised Barry Ward (Extra Ordinary) didn’t win.

BEST ACTRESS – WINNER: Maeve Higgins (Extra Ordinary), with special mention for Poppy Roe (A Serial Killer’s Guide to Life). Maeve Higgins gave one of the best performances I’ve seen whole year, so no surprise there: she was phenomenal.

BEST SFX (Sponsored by Fangoria Magazine) – WINNER: Why Don’t You Just Die!, with special mention for Blood Vessel and The Wretched. Again, I haven’t seen Why Don’t You Just Die! (damn it!), but I disagree with the honourable mentions: both Little Monsters and Rabid had much better and more creative special effects.

BEST KILL (Sponsored by Dread Central) – WINNER: Satanic Panic, with special mention for Harpoon. I think that’s quite fair, although 4X4 had some awesome kills as well.

Blood Vessel. Image credit, courtesy of Grimmfest 2
Blood Vessel. Image credit: Courtesy of Grimmfest

BEST SCARE (Sponsored by Rue Morgue) – WINNER: The Wretched, with special mention for Blood Vessel. Both these movies featured mostly jump-scares, so I wouldn’t consider those to be quality scares.

BEST SHORT (Sponsored by Shudder) – WINNER: Limbo, with special mention for How to Be Alone and Loom. I didn’t get the chance to watch any short at Grimmfest, so I won’t be able to comment on this.

Extra Ordinary. Image credit, courtesy of Grimmfest
Extra Ordinary. Image credit: Courtesy of Grimmfest

THE AUDIENCE AWARD (Sponsored by Shudder) – WINNER: Extra Ordinary, with special mention for Little Monsters and Why Don’t You Just Die!. Even though I haven’t seen the winner for Best Picture yet, I agree on the other two picks: those movies are a lot of fun!


Have you seen any of these movies yet? Are you happy with the results? Which one of these films are you most excited to watch? Let me know in the comments!

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