My most anticipated Horror Movies of 2019

The new year begins today, and I wish you all a 2019 filled with horror films that will make you happy! Like my ‘BEST and WORST horror movies of’ articles, this list is kind of a tradition for my website: I did it in 2017, 2018 and now it’s time to get you guys pumped for 2019!

If you are a huge horror fan, you might want to take pen and paper – do people still do that? – and write down a few of these titles: I promise you, most of them you won’t find on any other list of 2019 upcoming horror movies!

In fact, I’ve been working for two months on this article – believe it or not – to give all of you people who’re reading it the best and most unconventional titles that will be released in 2019 (when possible, with trailers included). We all know that IT: Chapter Two, The Conjuring 3, Brightburns and the likes of these are coming out this year, therefore I went for a more original and, hopefully, interesting approach: I won’t promise you’ll be pumped equally for all these films, but I can assure you some of them will get you super excited even though you didn’t know about them till today.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into these 22 upcoming horror movies of 2019 (listed alphabetically):

3 FROM HELL (USA, Rob Zombie) – the third instalment in ‘the Firefly family’ saga will probably pick up a few years after the infamous The Devil’s Rejects. Rob Zombie is an extremely divisive filmmaker and so are his horror movies: I am kind of in the middle, but I did quite love The Devil’s Rejects so I’m excited for this unexpected sequel. Are you?

My most anticipated 1

CLIMAX (France, Gaspar Noé) – if this list of upcoming horror films was lowest-to-highest, Climax might have taken the top spot! I adore Gaspar Noé’s movies, he’s one of my favourite directors of all-time. His latest project – that premiered in a few prestigious festivals in 2018 – is described as a 90-minute-long hallucinatory nightmare that’s both visually stunning and gut-wrenchingly disturbing. Knowing Noé’s filmography, I get chills down my spine just thinking about what marvellous film this can be. If you write it down on your list, bear in mind Climax is going to be very different from what you’d usually expect from a horror picture. The wide release is set for March, 1st.

CRAWL (USA/France, Alexandre Aja) – Alexandre Aja (the director of High Tension and The Hills Have Eyes remake) teams up with – get this – Sam Raimi (as executive producer) for Crawl: a movie where a young woman, while attempting to save her father during a category-5 hurricane, finds herself trapped in a flooding house and must fight for her life against alligators. Made on a solid $17,000,000 budget, this creature-feature will probably be a gruesome, updated version of Tobe Hooper’s Video Nasties classic Eaten Alive. I can’t wait for this one to come out!

Check the other 2019 upcoming horror movies below… 

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THE FRENCH QUARTER WILL NOT BE SPARED (USA, Anthony Jaswinski) – although the plot hasn’t been revealed yet, the movie is said to be a new take on the vampire genre set in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina. The goal, according to a few sources, is to make a visceral and socially relevant horror film in the vein of A Quite Place or Get Out. This film should be out in 2020, actually, but rumours say it might be ready by the end of this year! Will it be a studio movie made to cash in on a potentially booming market or a genuine intense ride?

GIRL WITH NO MOUTH (Turkey, Can Evrenol) – as a big fan of Baskin, yet not so much of Housewife, I’m quite excited to see what Evrenol will do next: Girl With No Mouth should be a visceral horror adventure set in the woods. This Turkish film is still in production, so there’s not much else to say: if you are a fan of Evrenol and gory foreign flicks, though, you might want to write down this title!

GRETEL AND HANSEL (USA, Oz Perkins) – I adore the first two horror films by the son of Anthony Perkins: I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House and, as loyal readers will certainly know, The Blackcoat’s Daughter. This latest retelling of the fairy tale novel promises to be very hard-hitting and quite frightening. Come on Oz, to get out of your dad’s shadow you need a third great film!

THE GRUDGE (USA, Nicholas Pesce) – is another American remake of The Grudge really necessary? Nope! Is it intriguing to see what the director of The Eyes of my Mother will do with it, though? Of course yes! No trailer nor release date are available yet, but we should get updates soon!

HEX (UK, Rudolf Buitendach) – a supernatural horror flick where a couple’s holiday romance is thrown into chaos as they are afflicted by a malicious force. Although the plot doesn’t sound very exciting, the trailer looks awesome and the film received unanimous praise at the Raindance Film Festival last September. Bring it on!

IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS (UK) – directed by many passionate filmmakers, this documentary promises to be “the definitive 80s horror documentary”. It’s not completed yet, so back them up on Kickstarter if you want this potentially great reportage to be made and released in 2019. To me, it sounds like the perfect counterpart of Video Nasties: Moral Panic and Censorship, which is my favourite horror-related documentary ever made!

KILLING (Japan, Shin’ya Tsukamoto) – after premiering at the prestigious Venice Film Festival in 2018, this ‘sandal-and-sword’ adventure with horror elements in it created quite a buzz. Filmed in a very stylised fashion, with interesting themes and a good amount of violence, Killing should really be a treat for the eye. The director, who made the infamous Tetsuo trilogy over the course of three decades, warrants to believe this film will be a hoot!

THE LIGHTHOUSE (USA, Robert Eggers) – finally! Two years after The Witch, talented filmmaker Robert Eggers will bring us a new horror nightmare. The Lighthouse is shot on black and white 35 mm film (which for me means: filmgasm!), stars Willem Defoe and Robert Pattinson, and will most likely be a slow-burner. For fans of The Witch and unconventional horror – like me – this film might be the highlight of 2019!

My Most anticipated 2
A scene from Laplace’s Witch

LAPLACE’S WITCH (Japan, Takashi Miike) – from The Witch to Laplace’s Witch it’s only a small step! Terrible jokes aside, this is the 101st film (what?!) directed by filmmaking legend Takashi Miike and it’ll be released internationally in 2019. Technically, Laplace’s Witch is labelled as a drama but, if you’re familiar with Miike’s work, you’d know this movie will most likely be filled with gore, disturbing content and a good dose of weirdness. I’m ready to jump on this insanity train.

THE NIGHTINGALE (Australia/New Zealand/Ireland, Jennifer Kent) – ever since 2014, I’ve been impatiently waiting for Jennifer Kent to make another horror film. After The Babadook (which I love to pieces), I couldn’t wait to see what would have been next: The Nightingale is set in 1825 and follows Clare, a young Irish convict woman, who chases a British officer through the rugged Tasmanian wilderness, bent on revenge for a terrible act of violence he committed against her family. On the way she enlists the services of an Aboriginal tracker named Billy, who is also marked by trauma from his own violence-filled past. Plot, director and visuals from a clip available on YouTube make this one of my most anticipated horror films of the last few years!

PARASITE (South Korea, Joon-ho Bong) – another one of my favourite filmmakers working today, the man behind The Host, Okja, Memories of a Murder and many others comes back for this twisted tale about two families who are worlds apart yet somewhat alike. In a few interviews, Bong says the movie will portray the striking reality of the world we live in, showing its truly horrific side as never before. Parasite: such an ominous title, right?

My most anticipated horror movies of 2019 feature
Stuff done to the eyes in horror makes me always a bit squeamish

PIERCING (Portugal/UK, Nicholas Pesce) – Nicholas, what are you doing here again? Yes, this young filmmaker has made two movies in one year. If The Grudge risks to be ruined by studio interference, Piercing will most likely be more along the lines of The Eyes of my Mother – the story revolves around a hitman who kills prostitutes. I bet this film will be eerily original, unsettlingly dark, weirdly comedic and – especially – a tad bit disturbing. Most likely, this one won’t disappoint!

PLEDGE (USA, Daniel Robbins) – this is a movie about a group of college freshmen that pledge an exclusive fraternity but soon realise there’s more at stake than they could have ever imagined. What seems to be a thirteen-in-a-dozen horror flick has been actually described by the few lucky viewers at Fantasia Film Festival as above par and very enjoyable in comparison to similar mainstream movies. Will you pledge your attention to Pledge? Wide theatrical release in the US: January, 11th.

My most anticipated 3
Oh, hi Nic!

PRISONERS OF THE GHOSTLAND (Japan, Sion Sono) – here we have another of my all-time favourite filmmakers: Sion Sono. The guy, besides having made some great films, is super versatile in every genre of cinema and, this time, he’ll team up with… Nicolas Cage! Prisoners of the Ghostland promises to be an intense, disturbing ride filled with offensive and distasteful content. Basically, it’s your usual Sion Sono film. Plus, it’d be cool if another Ghostland-titled film will end up in my Best horror movies of the year list, don’t you think?

THE PRODIGY (USA, Nicholas McCarthy) – The Prodigy is probably one you’ve all heard of before, since the trailer created quite a buzz. Although this movie might not appear ground-breaking, I actually loved the trailer and the fact that it’s rated R: if anything, it’ll be entertaining, spooky and bloody. Also, the director has made quite a few decent horror flicks in the past, so hopefully he won’t start letting us down now.

My Most anticipated 5.jpg
The cover of the next Rue Morgue issue

RABID (Canada, the Soska Sisters) – if there’s a remake I’m very excited for in 2019 (besides The Grudge) that’s Rabid. I love the original 1977 Cronenberg’s film, as I love most body-horror movies directed by the Canadian filmmaker. However, the Soska Sisters have proved themselves to be able to do wonders when it comes to body horror (American Mary is a hoot!) and, let’s be honest, the original movie is ripe for a remake: it was made for cheap, it had a few plot holes and it looks dated now. Don’t get me wrong, I still love that movie but it’s nice for once to see people tackling a remake not only to make a profit but to refresh an old picture they love.

My most anticipated 4THE RECKONING (UK, Neil Marshall) – the Irish director responsible for Dog Soldiers and The Descent will have a busy 2019: the new HellBoy, maybe Skull Island: Blood of the Kong, and The Reckoning. The latest has no plot yet and it’s still in pre-production. However, it’s a much smaller film where the director’s style can shine without studio interference. The fear you experienced watching The Descent is about to be back!

SINS (Italy, Domiziano Cristopharo) – this is a brand new horror anthology that revolves around the Seven Deadly Sins of Christian mythology, and in the making of it, seven directors contributed their creations. One for each sin. Cristopharo is a famous Italian director in the underground horror/erotic scene, due to the extreme, bleak and disturbing content of his films. Although horror anthologies aren’t exactly my cup of tea, I’m curious to see what sick stories will feature in this one. Are you?

US (USA, Jordan Peele) – after the success of Get Out, they must have given Jordan Peele card blanche to do whatever he wanted. So, he decided to take an all-star cast and make a home-invasion film set on a beach. Will this one top Get Out? We’ll have to see… The trailer looks awesome and I do believe this film will be much deeper and unconventional than some people anticipate.

Now it’s time for you guys to tell me what horror movie you are most excited for in 2019! Also, what did you think of this list? How many titles tickled your curiosity and inner darkness? Please leave a comment and let me know! Have a spooky 2019!