Guerrilla – short horror movie review

Over at Mad Sin Cinema, Shane Ryan has made a bunch of short movies that you should definitely give a look at.

One of the most impressive is the recently made Guerrilla, a 13-minute-long horror short set in the 80s. On July 4th, 1989, a rocket presumably launched by the United States Military explodes just after take-off, causing a virus to attack the small town near the base.

Guerrilla - short movie 2

Through some amazing visuals and accompanied by perfectly fitting music, we follow a few people dealing with the outbreak caused by the incident.

Some of them turned, some others are trying to survive. Some people are immune to the virus, among which there’s a young boy, Mars Mohamed, equipped with a Nintendo Power Glove (that reminded me of the protagonist of Turbo Kid), a video camera and a few cassettes.

Guerrilla is an audio-visual mesmerising experience, filled with great music that gets along with every scene and sets the mood; at the same time the colour scheme combined with the interesting cinematography makes for a somewhat surreal viewing.

Guerrilla - short movie review .jpg

Mind you, Guerrilla features no dialogue whatsoever, which enhances the great visual storytelling. This brave directorial choice enhances the beautiful brutality of the story, which seems naïve and violently mature at the same time. Shane Ryan achieved something that some accomplished filmmakers really struggle with: constructing powerful images that don’t need words to be effective.

On a side note, don’t turn off this short until the very end, since after the end credits there are some hilarious goofs that, simultaneously, showcase how dedicated to the project everyone involved was.

If you’re into short horror movies, make sure to give Guerrilla a chance.


You can check Mad Sin Cinema website to give a look at their other projects.