When a horror-comedy makes you cry like cutting a damn onion. Slice – movie review

This is, supposedly, a horror ‘comedy’ from A24, the production company behind Hereditary, and stars Steve from Stranger Things.

Despite the iffy look of the trailer, I went into Slice (directorial debut of Austin Vesely) expecting something along the line of Freaks and Geeks, a huge guilty pleasure of mine. Also, Slice is filled with talented people: Joe Keery (Stranger Things), Zazie Beetz (Deadpool 2), Paul Sheer (Hot Wet American Summer) and many more.

I honestly don’t know what happened, though, since this is one of the biggest clusterfuck I’ve (probably) ever seen. I don’t want this to be perceived as a rant, however, because I’ve seen interviews to Vesely and he seems like an honest, educated and clever filmmaker. Yet, I like most of the actors in this movie.

Nonetheless, I absolutely need to be frank and I hope, if any of the people involved in this project are reading this, they’ll take it as a motivation to do better in the future: Slice sucks.

Slice 1
Look at this freaking makeup from Slice,                   it looks awful!

The movie is set in a sort of parallel universe where a little American town is divided in two neighbourhoods: one of them inhabited by the living, the other one by ghosts. When a delivery guy, played by Vesely himself, gets his throat sliced by an unknown assailant, the town starts to blame the ghosts. A news reporter, however, believes something fishy is going on with a coven of witches; all the while, a couple of inapt police officers blame the werewolves.

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This convoluted plot is entirely played for fun, although this is one of the unfunniest flicks I’ve ever seen: I always struggle to review horror-comedies due to my ‘unconventional’ sense of humour and to the fact that comedy is the most subjective genre in cinema. Nevertheless, trust me when I tell you that, throughout the entire runtime, there is only one laughing-worthy sequence. The rest of the movie is filled with poop jokes, butt jokes, fart jokes… at one point I thought I was watching a Kevin James flick!

Even though Slice is presented as a supernatural slasher of sorts, the gore here is a let-down as well, being unconvincingly crafted and highly unimaginative. Yet, the makeup and practical effects are really disappointing too: some of them looks dated despite the fact that movie came out like two weeks ago! Some of them, instead, are just poorly executed, they look fake like in the low-budget exploitation flicks from the 70s.

Again, I’m truly sorry to say that, but the acting is embarrassing: other than the werewolf guy (portrayed quite well by Chance the Rapper), everybody else’s performance is annoyingly over-the-top.

The whole picture comes off as extremely annoying and unpleasant due to the fact that it’s trying to be extremely funny. I don’t know about you guys, but one of my biggest pet-peeves in cinema is films that try to be funny and fail. I mean, I’m very much able to enjoy movies that play it straight and, accidentally, result hilarious, but Slice is one of those flicks – like the worst teen-comedies from the late 90s – that tries so hard it falls big time.

Despite all of that, there are a few things in Slice that work and show the missed opportunity this flick is. The score, very 80s-esque, is rather easy to listen to; the werewolf guy, as I said before, makes his scenes tolerable; the opening credits, which are animated, look nice and thought out; the concept itself, albeit unoriginal, had potential.

However, even the positives about Slice are hard to enjoy since the overall movie is disjointed and bloated with a thousand of barely related sub-plots. Because of that, the story lacks a clear protagonist and you really are not aware of who to root for.

I’m genuinely shocked by the fact this flick got some positive reviews, because in my opinion – as much as I tried to give it a chance – the redeeming qualities are overshadowed by the glaring flaws and sadly unfunny moments this poor picture is riddle with.

Slice                           2.5/10