200 times THANK YOU! Horror news and surprises

At the end of June, I published my 200th post on HorrorWorld&Reviews: regular reviews of new horror releases, interviews, specials, series, collaborations and so much more. That’s what my blog is about.

With this post (the 204th), my aim is to thank you all guys, providing you with some info about what I achieved since 09/16/2016 thanks to your support, giving you the opportunity to do decide a few things about future projects and providing you with some news. So, please read these few words carefully and leave a comment in the comments section down below!

First of all, my name is Luca Pincelli: I’m Italian, 26 years old and I have been reviewing movies since 2012. I have collaborated with other horror-based websites/media in the past (most notably Bloody Disgusting) and, almost two years ago, I decided to take my own path. If you want to know more about my passion for horror, check this interview out.

I started HorrorWorld&Reviews in September 2016, as a hobby after I realised I couldn’t pay the bills by just collaborating with other websites/newspapers. Almost two years down the line, HorrorWorld&Reviews became a second job for me: with 12 posts a month, each month I reach 27.000 views, 22.000 viewers, 1.274 followers on social media, 300$ income per month, and my Incident in a Ghostland – EXPLAINED AND ANALYSED just broke the records on my blog in both views and comments (21.000 views, 12 comments).

In September 2016, I didn’t earn any money, I had 47 views overall and no followers.

I have achieved these fantastic results thanks to all of you: people who constantly comment my posts, people who just read them, people who argue and say I’m wrong and people who claim I’m a genius reviewer, people who don’t give a shit about my opinion and people who think I’m a moron but keep reading my stuff. Thank you all, I really mean it.

What now? Well, you need to know that in the last few years – since I started working as a critic – I tried to watch at least 100 horror flicks per year. In order to do that, I have often to rent movies, buy tickets for the theatre, spend time to contact production companies to get free copies of their films for me to review and so on…

Considering I work a full-time job as PR agent for Sky (one of the largest broadcast companies in Europe) in the Sports field, you can imagine finding time to dedicate to HorrorWorld&Reviews is a day-to-day struggle. A satisfactory and engaging struggle nonetheless.

My dream is to turn this second job into a living. In other words, I’d love to have more time to go to festivals, screenings, review more movies and improve the content of my blog.

In order to do that, I’m going to add a PAY BUTTON: please remember that my content will always be ACCESSIBLE FOR FREE, but I would obviously appreciate if you could donate something to this ongoing project (whatever you like, even 1$ would be enough and immensely appreciated).



Please consider supporting this website with a little donation. Every single cent is much appreciated!


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Also, from 2019, I’ll start a few sponsorships (among which there might be ARROW and STARDUST): bear in mind I’m not selling out, but it would be naïve to think I could improve my content and dedicate more time to HorrorWorld&Reviews without any financial help!

For those of you who will press the “pay” or “donate” button, I will obviously acknowledge publically your effort, and thank you already.

As for improving the content of my website, I’m thinking about uploading videos (which obviously take time to be prepared and edited), interactive buttons and quizzes, more images, more links and so on.

As for now, before I conclude thanking you all once again for your outstanding support throughout the years, let me just involve you guy in the decision process of my future projects. In October, I would like to write a four-part series about one of the four following topics:


Please, let me know in the comments which one you would prefer to read! Also, whatever the decision will be, I’ll involve you in the choice of the titles.

Once again, thanks, thanks, thanks for your contribution! Thanks to those of you who end up here from a Google search. Thanks to those of you who follow my blog and get constant updates on what I do here. Thanks to those of you who follow me on Twitter. Thanks to those who I bother in Facebook groups with my reviews. Thanks for the tens of thousands who read my reviews and lists on IMDb! I hope you enjoy the content of HorrorWorld&Reviews and be sure to follow what I do here. Cheers!