The Story of Micheal Myers #5. Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989) – movie review

Remember the first four movies of the franchise? They were so much fun, especially for fans of 80s slasher flicks – besides Season of the Witch (1982), which still was interesting though.

Well, now forget about them, since we’re entering the bad sequels in the iconic Halloween franchise.

One year after the events of Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers (1988), Michael Myers returns (once again) to Haddonfield in an attempt to kill his now-mute niece (Danielle Harris).

This movie has two positives, in my opinion: Doctor Loomis and Michael Myers.

Halloween 5 1First of all, Donald Pleasence gives another fantastic performance as obsessed yet only wise and clever character who seems to be able to put a stop to Michael Myers. Myers, although he does the same thing over and over again, here is entertaining as well. The filmmakers do a pretty decent job at keeping the villain menacing and genuinely creepy with his on and off screen presence.

Besides that, Halloween 5 must be one of the dullest horror flicks in the 80s. Director Dominique Othenin-Girard – whose career more or less died after this movie, for good reasons – doesn’t even seem to put effort in the presentation of one of the most basic plotlines ever.

Since I was bored out of my mind watching Halloween 5, I’m going to try and make this little review at least a bit entertaining, thus now I’ll just list up a series of goofs that are evident in this flick.

–        In the barn, a female character yells, “Son of a bitch!” to Michael with her mouth closed. Next level voice-over I’d say!

–        11 minutes into the movie, when two characters are giving Jamie (Harris) the costume gift at the clinic, one of them giggles and the other begins to mimic a trumpet. Then suddenly a loud scream is heard, yet neither of the characters seem to have made the sound. Paranormal Halloween?

–        Every character in this film refers to Darlene Carruthers as Jamie’s “stepmother”, when she is actually her foster mother, as established in the previous film. Did anyone in the crew even watch the other Halloween movies?

–        At around 1h 23 mins, when Jamie climbs into the laundry chute to run away from Double M, her right shoe falls off then reappears on her foot. Paranormal Halloween shoes?

–        At one point, in the second half of the movie, we see the police, along with Jamie and Dr Loomis, set up a stakeout at Michael Myers’ house. However, a few scenes later, we see that Michael Myers has an attic full of dead bodies. Why didn’t the police find these when they searched the attic before the stakeout? They must be the dumbest cops ever.

–        Around 1h into the movie, the knife bends when Michael stabs Tina (one of the many disposable characters). Paranormal Halloween knives.

Well, you got the point. Halloween 5 is completely and utterly wrenched.

Halloween 5 2Perhaps it’s due to my fondness of cheap, silly 70s and 80s slasher flicks, but I really didn’t hate this movie. Sure, it is bad… but quite watchable in its inaptness as well. I guess if you’re into those flicks or if you’re a die-hard fan of the first Halloween movies, then you might not dislike The Revenge of Michael Myers.

I’d like to leave you guys with some good new, but unfortunately the next one in this series (The Curs of Michael Myers) is even worse.

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers                    4/10

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