Late 90s zombie flick throwback. Day of the Dead: Bloodline – movie review

The timeline in the Day of the Dead movies is getting more and more confusing, but don’t worry: Bloodline has got nothing to do with the stream of flicks related to this franchise that came out between 1985 and 2018.

DoD Bloodline 1At least, my statement is valid in regards to the plot: absolutely independent from the other DoD films, Bloodline follows Zoe (Sophie Skelton) who, four years after having survived the outbreak, now dwells in an underground bunker seeking for a cure in a world overrun by fast-paced zombies.

As she and a group of soldiers decide to venture out their range perimeter to look for medicines to fight regular diseases, the main characters bring back to the camp something that might jeopardise everything they saved in the last four years.

Going into this low-budget zombie movie, the first aspect the viewer might notice is the strong, vivid late 90s/early 00s vibe that encloses everything from the setting to the locations to the story to even the technical features!

Depending on how you perceive this aspect, you might like or dislike Bloodline: personally, I didn’t mind the cheesiness and silliness of this movie and I also dug the whole throwback aspect (whether it was intentional or not).

Yet, what else does a low-budget, formulaic zombie flick need to work properly? Exactly, a lot of gore!

Dod Bloodline 2In my opinion, violence and gore in DoD: Bloodline are very well crafted: the combination between great makeup effects and subtle CGI – something that shouldn’t be given for granted in a low-budget horror flick – makes for highly entertaining and gruesome killings from beginning to end.

In fact, both the opening scene and the grand finale are fulfilling, albeit over-the-top and, let’s be honest, rather dumb.

In terms of flaws, although I can overlook stupid plots in this horror sub-genre, I couldn’t get passed the non-existent character development and the atrocious acting. Seriously, I feel like the filmmakers used their entire budget for the nice special effects and went on casting random people they came across in the street!

Bloodline, although doesn’t aim to be anything more than a zombie B-movie, would have worked much better if the actors said their lines without looking like zombies themselves. To be honest, Hèctor Hernández Vicens – the director – tried to develop Zoe’s character, but her acting was so shitty throughout that the attempt miserably failed.

Also, according to the story progression, the audience is brought to despise one of the human characters, because he behaves like an a*hole… but said person is the only one who makes sensible decision during the movie, so I couldn’t help but side with him, which enhances how badly written the script for Bloodline is.

DoD Bloodline 3In conclusion, besides a couple of boring scenes, Day of the Dead: Bloodline is a rather entertaining zombie flick that you can easily enjoy at midnight when struggling to fall asleep. If the title didn’t reference to the DoD universe, this movie would probably be appreciated a tag more by the viewers who wouldn’t go into it with any expectation. Still, I’m happy to say Bloodline is a rather enjoyable, disposable zombie flick.

Day of the Dead: Bloodline                          5/10

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