DNR: Marc Duplass’ narcissism is caring a dead movie around. Creep 2 – movie review

Following the unexpected success of Creep (2014), Mark Duplass reprises his role in this sequel in which the titular creep in search of new victims.

Creep 2 2Older and more tired than in the first film, Aaron (Duplass) is now sick of his “dream job” as a serial killer, thus he gets in contact with Sara (Desiree Akhavan), a YouTuber documentarist whose channel about weirdos she met on the internet is stuck with low ratings and even lower numbers.

When the two characters meet, an awkward relationship bursts out between them and the plot plays with the viewer’s expectations about Aaron and his thirst for blood.

I sat through Creep 2 with no anticipation whatsoever, since I believe Creep didn’t deserve its hype. As a movie filled with horror tropes and cheap jump-scares, the 2014 Netflix motion picture is a watchable flick, but nothing more than that.

Creep 2, however, manages to be the epitome of boredom throughout its entire runtime of less than 80 minutes.

The movie starts out playing with the audience’s expectations and, therefore, tackles sarcastically the lack of uneasiness connected to Duplass’ character: nonetheless, this self-aware attempt falls short since the sense of humour doesn’t work in most of the sequences.

Creep 2 3Yet, Derisee Akhavan’s performance is one of the most wooden and annoying I’ve seen all year, not just in horror films. In a movie carried on the shoulders of two people, when the acting is subpar the final product is a failure.

Duplass prevents Creep 2 from being an absolute and utter train-wreck, with his solid performance that quite often veers to the narcissistic and self-centred direction nonetheless.

Other than that, Creep 2 has no redeeming quality (unless you want to consider the last 10 minutes as a decent addition), being stuck between wooden performances and an uninteresting story. As a sequel, this movie betrays the tone of the original and would likely piss off many fans of Creep; as a stand-alone flick, it’s just bad.

Even on a technical level, this film is bland at best: using the gimmick of hand-held camera, Creep 2 gives up – since the pre-production process – on any decent attempt to good cinematography and photography.

Creep 2 1Overall, I would suggest you to avoid it, unless you’re a die-hard fan of the original and want to check this one out for yourself. In the end, I thought Creep 2 was a waste of time, although I respect Marc Duplass and Patrick Brice’s efforts to take the risk and go in a different direction in comparison to their 2014 flick. Unfortunately, the final result is rather unbearable. Cheers!