Thoughts on American Horror Story: US Elections

No, it’s not a joke.

Believe it or not, the creators of the AHS series, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, have recently announced – in all seriousness – that there will be a new season in 2017 and it will revolve around the American Elections and Donald Trump.

Although I don’t consider myself as a die-hard fun of the series (for instance, I haven’t watched the last chapter, Roanoke), I was absolutely captivated by some seasons, some characters and some single episodes. Moreover, I believe American Horror Story has quite a cult following it and it’s pretty huge among the horror fans.

That said, the reactions following the Murphy’s revelation largely depicted a mixture of shock and disgust. Even though, in all fairness, a small but fierce group of AHS fanatics argued that the new topic represents a fresh and innovative idea.

As per usual, though, the die-hard fans are prone to clap for everything their idols do, even if it’s a four-hour long documentary about the production of woven for matrasses.

jessica-lange-ahs-radical-reinventionAnyway, I think what Murphy is trying to do is giving a different direction to the franchise, which is something I am personally really open to see. Honestly, after Murder House, Asylum and (partially) Freak Show, it seemed that there was nothing else to add to the highly stylistic, creepy set ups.

American Horror Story: Hotel, the first one without Jessica Lange starring, was mostly a fail, with only two episodes able to save the day.

mgid_uma_image_logotv-jpgOn the other hand, Murphy and Falchuk already explored a different direction in 2013, when Coven was launched on the small screen. In my opinion, that was quite a disappointing season, featuring a badly balanced mixture of romance, comedy, gore and musical. Yet, those 12 episodes were saved from being an absolute disaster by the excellent, mesmerising performances by Kathy Bates and Lange.

And that brings me to the present. Without Lange and (probably) Bates, if the direction and the execution of the plot fail, AHS: US Election (or whatever title they will go for) will likely be atrocious to look at, in the worst way.

However, one way to save the project would be that of turning the upcoming season into a cheesy and corny ride, filled with sarcasm, over-the-top acting and self-consciousness. A horror B-movie exploitation recalling They Live, Grindhouse and Zombie Strippers, just to give you some examples.

I think Murphy and Falchuk are brilliant directors and producers, their ideas have often been quite surprising, so that I trust their newest project and I believe it will not be disappointing. Or so I hope. Cheers!