It finally came to an end. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – review


Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2017) is directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, stars his wife Milla Jovovich and is the last instalment of the long-lasting franchise inspired by the videogames of the same name.


Now, notoriously movies from videogames are not good and Anderson’s direction is worth shit. We also know that, for some – to me inexplicable – reason, all of the six films (yes, we have six of these!) of the Resident Evil saga made a huge profit, despite being panned by critics and hated by mature audiences.


However, people keep going to watch them, increasing the bad reputation of horror cinema as a source for cheap entertainment, while this genre should be treated and respected with the same dignity as the others.


I apologise, I went out of track for a while, but I figured it was necessary to remind you what the Resident Evil movies are about, before tackling the Final Chapter (thanks God!).


Nicolas%20Cage%20Laugh.gifThis movie starts as it was a TV series that came out in the middle 90s, with a seven-minute recap of what happened in the previous instalments, in case we missed them. I wish I did, though. Then, there are tons of fight scenes between Alice – Jovovich – and many zombie-like creatures, a zombie dragon (yes, it’s in the movie), her main antagonist played by Iain Gland.


trailer68374Seriously, there’s nothing else to say about this… thing. The best part of The Final Chapter is by far Milla Jovovich as Alice and this is saying something.


Other than that, shaky cam, horrible CGI effects 90s-like and meaningless dialogues between paper-like characters are the only features the viewer should expect from this atrocity.


f1cb3213249c849827956a72442401f6Let me just jump right into the final act of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. As you might guess – in fact everyone sees it coming – at the end of the flick there is the big, final face-off between Jovovich and Gland. And you know what happens? Their fight, beyond being realised with one of the most chopped editing I have seen in a movie, is continuously interrupted by flash-forwards, which show on screen (!!) the percentages of success the fighters may have if they do this move or this other trick.


I have no words to describe Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. So far, it’s the worst movie of 2017, there is nothing interesting or worth mentioning about it. Also, the action/fight scenes that could have made this movie an average Sci-fi flick to watch at 3am with friends and some boost are washed out and poorly executed.


Don’t see this movie guys, save your money for other stuff; don’t allow Anderson to make further profit; don’t underwhelm the horror cinema by watching this cash-grabbing awful thing. Cheers!